Thursday, April 03, 2008

Farewell to the Tiger

Here is a photograph of my Triumph Tiger.

We spent many, many happy hours together in and around Cape Town, transporting children to and from school, visiting congregation members, and riding with the Iron John Bike Club.

We also had some epic trips further afield:

• We visited Port Elizabeth, winding up the beautiful garden route – choosing to do the Grootrivier and Blaaukraans River passes instead of the bridge overpasses. I spent a wonderful week with my dear friend Charmaine, and then rode back down Route 62, enjoying the hospitality of Cherrill on the way.

• We spent one mad winter’s day riding 1000km from Cape Town to Kimberly. My friend Alex and I took our respective Tigers to his family farm. We left Cape Town in the dark and braved the misty cold of the Hex River Valley and the chilly Karroo wind. When we returned a week later we decided to accept the warm Beaufort West hospitality of my colleague Rod. The following morning we rode a consistent 160kmph to Cape Town with the rising sun at our backs.

• We visited two Buffalo Rallies, joining thousands of other roaring, swearing, drinking, posturing bikers. And amidst the thousands of Japanese and German bikes there were a few unique British bikes: my Tiger proudly strutting its stuff.

So I bid farewell. And this is all that is left of the bike. This will make my bank manager very happy, because my credit card has suffered a painful financial hole since I have purchased my BMW GS 1150.

And a new biking chapter begins for me.


Mev Dominee said...

aaahh my friend. How I wish I could have bought that bike. But alas, I can't even pay my bills at the moment.

I wish you lot's of joy on the BMW. May you have even more astounding journeys on the new bike. And when you go out on your bike think of me.... maybe one day when I'm old I will join you on a bike of my own.

digitaldion (Dion Forster) said...

There are few things like a Taigggrrrrr... British Biking at its best!

However, the Germans sure have the upper hand on dual sport rides. Comfort, economy, reliability, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman... Need I say more?

I am ITCHING to mount my BMW 650 and pay you a visit!!! Just wait, when the doc says the cast can come off and the leg can take a bit of pressure I'll be there to introduce my German luxury vehicle to yours.

Won't that be a day.

Now, as for that money, you look like a Nigerian drug lord, or Benny Hinn after a 'healing crusade' ;-)

What's your address? Perhaps I could pay you a visit with my friends Luger and Smith and Wesson?

Paddy said...

My eyes are drawn not to the bike, but to what might be the smallest shed in the world in the background. I've contacted the Guinness World Record officials... they'll be round later.