Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Time to Pray

I have run dry…..worn thin……lost momentum.
I have given so much that I have nothing left to give.
So I am going to the mountains.
I will be at Dharmaragiri for the next two weeks.
This is a place of prayer located deep in the Drakensberg Mountains.
I will spend time in silence. And in reading. And in reflection and journalling.
And in walking the mountains.
Pray for me.

Now and then, set aside for yourself a day on which, without hindrance, you can be at leisure to praise God and to make amends for all the praise and thanksgiving you have neglected all the days of your life to render to God for all the good he has done. This will be a day of praising and thanksgiving and a day of jubilation, and you will celebrate the memory of that radiant praise with which you will be jubilant to the Lord for eternity, when you will be satisfied fully by the presence of God, and the glory of the Lord will fill your soul.

- Gertrude the Great
Spiritual Excercises, Quoted in "Essential Monastic Wisdom", by Hugh Feiss.


Andre Buttner said...

Enjoy! Wish I could be there too - but perhaps another time! May you be refreshed.

Mev Dominee said...

Hey Pete

My friend.
Ever since your Synod I had the feeling that you were taking strain.
I will pray for you. Go. Feed and Rest you soul. And may god meet you there and lift you up !


Wessel Bentley said...

My prayer for you is that you will be filled to the brim. Will be praying for Jenny and family too that they may be filled with peace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

I often read your blog and am inspired.I am not going to church currently because of struggling with the way in which the church hurts me and those I love most but your blog gives me hope that things can be different.

Thank you and know that I will be praying for you..


digitaldion said...

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bjk said...

Just seeing how your time away has been.....