Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sheena 1/11/2000 - 19/05/2007

An Irish Setter.
But much more……
A running companion who would hop and skip while waiting for the lead to be clipped to her collar. True to her breed, she had endless energy and loved exercise.
A truly messy dog. She loved to lie in the sand, or rub herself through the bushes, coming into the kitchen with sticks in her feathering, and her long hair messed up like a nutty professor. Her permanently optimistic disposition was never put off by obstacles such as rain or wind. She would stand in the rain, or pant into the wind, until called inside.
A gentle spirit who loved being scratched behind her ears, or stroked on her face. She tried barking, but her “yip” was not enough to frighten anything – not even the tortoise.
An everhopeful spotter of squirrels in the back yard. Her task was to spot the squirrel so that Nugget, our Labrador/Great Dane, could set off after them. Together they prowled the garden keeping the small furry creatures in the tops of the trees.
An inquisitive, intelligent girl, who learned how to snatch a sandwich off the kitchen table, and to sneak down the passage in search of the cat’s food. She managed to look so contrite and bashful when caught, that Granny never thought her to be guilty. She loved fruit such as apples, banana and grapes. And biltong. In fact she loved eating.
Thank you for bringing joy to our lives for a time.


Gus said...

Peace to you guys!

Respect to the dogs, Irish dogs are the greatest!

I can't imagine my puppies getting old, I felt very sad for you.

But I imagine heaven for an Irish dog would have an element of mischief in it... there would have to be stuff to steal; and people trying to catch you, they seem to get a kick out of being naughty.

God Bless.

Hanno Prinsloo said...

Sorry for your loss , my friend.
She stuck around for seven years to enrich your lives.

It might just be that Doggy heaven and squirrel hell is the same place ?


Anonymous said...

Sjoe! Can't believe she has left.
Fond memories.
I am sure in her next life she is coming back as a Gay Friendly Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Utopia.

digitaldion said...


Sleepy Dog said...

Hi Pete, you and the family are in our thoughts.


bjk said...

I am really sorry for your loss....a really amazing breed, the dog of my childhood and source of very fond memories.....again just sorry...

Wessel Bentley said...

Hey Pete and Family

Sorry to hear!