Sunday, April 01, 2007


I meet once a month with a group of bikers who reflect on our lives so that we can live with a greater sense of adventure. This morning we reminded each other of our desire to be better men. I desire personal authenticity; to be less afraid of stepping into the unknown. And this circle of men gives me courage to do so.

I also wanted to be at the meeting because yesterday I got a new bike. And it is awesome. It is a 2002 Triumph Tiger. This is an upgrade on my previous Tiger, which now has 95 000km on the clock. The new bike has 2700km (yes: two thousand seven hundren km) on the clock. And I have spent the past two days riding. For all those Vespa scooter peddlers who are reading this, come to Cape Town and you can ride over Ou Kaapse Weg, Chapman's Peak, Hout bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay. But of course you will need decent wheels.

And for those without a Tiger, I went onto the internet and found a Tiger that might interest you


dorsey said...

Dude, that is a wicked ride. I know what you mean about hanging on to the desire for adventure. Having friends like those is the best way to keep you challenged.

Congratulations! Keep the shiny side up.

PW said...

Very Nice Peter. Very, Very nice.
Congratulations and blessings.

digitaldion said...

You're a very lucky man indeed. It is not very many steps and you too will be able to upgrade to a REAL bike, like my 1968 Sprint 150cc ;-)

I am jealous! I am in the process of selling off a scooter and a few computer parts in order to buy an old BMW 650 from a guy I know. If I can just sell my PX 200 I too may have a bike that has grunt, but little style, that can go far, but not look good doing so!

Ha ha!

You go taaaaaaaagggggrrrrrrr!



Murray & Gina UK said...

Its sounds toight like a toighger...reeaaw!

I think I prefer the second...

Anonymous said...


Were I there, I'd be riding with you. As it is, I'm feeding your family in the UK while you spend your children's inheritance. Your courage is exemplary!!