Monday, February 12, 2007

a funny god

It's funny hey, how there is a god who will stop the rain for a church fete or Sunday School outing, yet will do nothing to stop a mudslide down a hill in the Phillipines killing whole villages.

It's also funny that this god will heal a believers bad back, yet sit by and watch 500,000 children die of aids each year in Africa.

It's funny as well, how he turns a blind eye to jealousy, envy, greed and selfishness, yet becomes all smiteful when dealing with homosexuals and cohabitees.

It's funny how he tells people to love one another, yet still blesses those who kick the crap out of their enemies.

It's funny how for one day of the year he is peace and goodwill to all men, yet for the other 364 is all wrath and judgment.

I'm glad that the world and religion have this dualistic god, a god who seems to randomly bless and curse on a whim; I'm glad because it reminds just how different Jesus is, that he is none of the above.
Yet I am sad; I am sad because most religious people, especially church people seem to serve a Bruce Almighty; I'm sad because they miss so much, and I am sad because they misrepresent Jesus.
"These are the days of Elijah" or so the song goes. Maybe now's the time to take a few false prophets down to the brook and behead them. That's my prayer for today. That those who would misrepresent Jesus would have their heads chopped off (metaphorically of course.

I am indebted to Dave Lynch who lives in Dingwall (Scotland) and posted this on his blog on Wednesday, December 06, 2006.


marie said...

wow this was great.
here is mine--

It's funny that God blesses me with a close parking space whenever I go clothes shopping during patriotic holiday sales, yet doesn't rescue Bosnian boys from being made to orally castrate their own fathers...(really happened)

I'm sorry if that was too explicit-you can delete it

Dave Lynch said...

Hey Pete,

Let me now if your coming over to Scotland anytime, we could do with thinkers like you up here


Hey we got the Matrix and Devils Advocate in common.