Thursday, June 22, 2006

Piero Grasso

Here is one seriously brave man. He deserves all the support and encouragement that he can get. I saw his name in last night's Cape Argus. He has just arrested the new leadership of the Mafia (remember that the previous leaders were sent to gaol?). Well he has taken the mafia head-on. I wonder what the cost to his family, and personal freedom of movement? But if there are not people willing to stand up against bullies, then we will all live in fear.
Pray for him.

PS: he has such a cool name. It rhymes with...well almost anything. You can hear in it a sociable wine, a French mineral water, a paste for polishing brass, a man who thrives on the holy weed, and a man with a derriere. Ask me - I have heard them all!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!!!
You are one seriously funny man!
Peering into the grass.........

Wessel Bentley said...

Hi Rocky

Thanks for your words of encouragement.

We hear gunshots in our neighbourhood almost every evening now. Nat's cousin was shot in his bed two nights ago. I wonder when our minister of safety and security will put his balls on the line rather than inviting us to bugger-off out of the country.