Thursday, May 18, 2006


Yesterday was the first day of our Synod: a day of celebrating the faith of those who have been called by God. One of these people is my colleague. She is gracious, caring, intelligent beyond her years, and called by God to serve people. Yesterday she shared her story with the Synod. A story of how she grew from being a frightened young girl to reach a place of healing and affirmation. This was an experience of such proportions that she took on a new name Ecclesia, “the Church”. And in that moment she knew that God was calling her to the pastoral ministry. In her excitement she went to her pastor and shared with him her call and passion for this ministry. His response was: “That’s wonderful – now we must find you a nice pastor to marry so that you can be a lovely pastor’s wife”. Needless to say, she left that myopic corner of Christianity and discovered a place where her call to full-time ministry did not need to be lived through the life of a man.

I am grateful for Ecclesia, and for the other who shared their stories: Ntsikelelo, Olivia, Hilton, and Mabel. They are on the brink of their ordination as ministers of the gospel. And their passion touched me and offered to melt the icicle of cynicism about Church Synods.



Gus said...

I guess synod could be some sort of spiritual discipline... As a young minister I am very aware of some of the moans and groans that a church makes. I see great hope - good things are happening! Big things are happening.

When I reach the end of my ministry about 35 years (reduced / increased for good behaviour) I don't want to think back on all the grumbles... I don't want to say gee I'm glad I complained so much! I want to say WOW! That was fun, I really saw God in that!

And I guess it all depends on where/how you look. Then again I am young, and not sure if my plan will work out..........

Anonymous said...

Hiya dudes :)
I agree with Gus. Honestly i think that perhaps we spend too much of our time complianing. I would like to think that God is huge and way bigger than all our hang ups and misunderstandings. I would like to believe that as we talk through and with our issuses that God will lead us to truth... I want to be part of that ride. I think that synod could be used in a positive way (plus you get to hang with your mates and that never ever a bad thing :) )to make a take a huge step in our journey of faith. I don't want to moan anymore,i don't want to swim in the negetivity that has seemed to have gripped us, in our country and our adventure in being Church... I want to a person who lives in faith, jumps ahead in hope and live in love. I am sad to be missing synod this year,as a I sit in Iona, i wish i were a part of the movement of God in our debates, in our prayers, in our worship and in the critical questions that we ask about ourseleves and scoiety. I hold all my fellow travellers in prayer as you guys sit in Synod... have a great time, have fun :)